Welcome to Code Crafting at Riversound Solutions

This site was launched on July 28, 2019 for a SIGGRAPH Studio installation. It is an evolving site for resources on crafting computer code. It presents the audacious assertion that computer programming (coding) concepts originated, not with the Jacquard loom, but millennia ago through textile production. Please explore this site to actively learn to code using Turtlestitch, but also simply to learn more about the texttile arts and crafts of crocheting, embroidery, quilting, and knitting and how they influence and inform computer science. Why these four? Because we can teach people these skills with minimal resources and tie them to both introductory and advanced topics in computer science. Coding is an abstractive creative art form based on patterns and algorithms, just like the arts and crafts textile workers have produced since the first piece of cloth was woven.

Explore these topics through the menu above, or see what we are doing with specifically in classrooms and through recent events.

Who are we?

Ursula Wolz, founder, developer, consulting services
Chris Dunne, videographer
Laura Feire, editor
Gwen Charles, textile artist
AnneMarie Webber, Middle and High School math curricula
Tanya Dixon, machine knitting, and DIY interfaces
Arlene Marin, quilt design
Paulina Valdeviseo, networks and security

Andrea Mayr-Stalder, founder, designer
Michael Aschauer, designer, developer
Susan Ettenheim, instructional materials

Code Crafting