Turtlestich and Code Crafters Studio Installation, SIGGRAPH 2019

This is resource central for our installation, and will be constantly updated.

Did you know crocheting is a gateway to coding and vector graphics? We have crochet hooks and yarn, or check out the Fibonacci afghan.

Explore machine embroidery design and introductory coding through turtleStitch. Here are some resources:

Software engineering is collaborative. Contribute to the collaborative quilts to experience a version of agile developement. Here are the rules, and contributions will be here.

Curious about Turtlestitch for quilting, or interested in how quilting is a gateway to raster graphics. ? Just ask.

Did you know you can learn about computer organization by building an interface between an Arduino and a 10 year old programmable Brother knitting machine? We are doing that and would love to talk about knitting as raster graphics.

Interested in how textile arts model advanced computer science (and not just recursive trees?) We are too. Let's talk.

And of course, we teach at all kinds of levels. Collaborate with us!

Code Crafting