Turtlestich and Code Crafters Studio
Workshop 7 Coe Crafting - an alternative methaphor for teaching computing,
September 24, 2019

This is the slide show for the workshop.

To get started
Please make sure your computer has a Chrome window open to http://codecrafting-rs.net. Navigate to the gray Code Crafting Workshop button that should take you right here.

Open a new tab, and click on this link: turtlestitch.org.

Please create an account so you can share your work. Email your account name.

Who are we? Look here

Contribute to a SnapCon quilt. Here is the overview of a quilt from SIGGRAPH the quilt
Or not.... feel free to quietly leap ahead, fall being, or just explore.

Approximately 15 minute overview on crocheting, quilting, then
Live coding demo of turtlestitch The rest of the time you play.

Here are some resources for Snap novices.

  • Get started with Turtlestitch cards
  • Riversound starter sheets
  • Video tutorials
  • For those with some Snap experience, search ursulawolz and try some of these: (or upload them from Ursula's USB)

    Code Crafting